Clean water is vital both for people and environment

Security of the production and water purification plants is vital and unauthorised access is strictly prohibited. How can we confirm correct access rights for direct employees and subcontractors, without allowing unlimited entry?

If the water treatment process is accidentally or intentionally compromised, the consequences can be extremely serious and far-reaching. At worst, contaminated water causes considerable environmental damage or makes the inhabitants of the entire region ill.

In Umeå and Vindel region the whole water treatment process is provided by the Swedish company Vakin. Previously Vakin had several different locking systems in use, and the management of the keys was unsatisfactory.

– There were no control over who had a key and what building that key gave access to. Even master keys could be unaccounted for, says Mattias Lind, Vakin’s Safety andSecurity Coordinator.

Nowadays nearly all Vakin’s water utilities and wastewater treatment plants rely on the PROTEC2 CLIQ™ locking system, and access control have become considerably easier.

Besides making the old uncontrolledkeys invalid, the new system has also made Vakin revisetheir key management in dispersed facilities.

The web-based CLIQ™ Web Manager is a great tool for us to organise our key management in our distant water utilities

After changing the locking system the number of user keys also decreased 80 percent for what it used to be. In the past, there were 4–5 keys in use per person. Now there’s only one key for every employee and subcontractor and they have certain access rights only in those facilities, where they need to perform their work.

– We are also very pleased that the new locking solution is durable and function well in demanding environments, which is where our water utilities are usually located, he adds.

  • Vakin is responsible for the provision of drinking water, reuse of wastewater, waste management, and recyclingof waste.
  • The company works in the region of Umeå, 122,000 people, and Vindeln, 5,400 people, and it has 18 water utilities, 24 wastewater treatment plants, 129 water pumping stations and 125 employees.