Keeping the wheels of society running

The Helen Group, recognised as the world’s best provider of urban energy, has several power plants as well as numerous distribution substations and electric stations in Finland. They help provide heating to hundreds of thousands of Finnish homes and companies and keep the wheels of the society rolling. For energy production to be constant without unwanted interruptions, the production plants must be kept secured.

Previously, Helen’s more than 1,100 employees had a total of over 30,000 keys. Access control was difficult and the whereabouts of lost keys could not always be determined. When the company’s locking system was upgraded to the PROTEC2 CLIQ™ system, the number of keys dropped dramatically. Currently, Helen’s personnel only have a total of 1,300 keys. In order to optimise the level of security, each key provides access to the facility only for the duration of the workday, in other words, 10 hours at time.

In four years, only nine keys have gone missing. Previously, we would have had to rekey entire locking systems; now we just checked one box

According to Helen Group’s Chief Security Officer Mats Fagerström, the close cooperation has considerably improved the level of security compared to what it was.

– It is always nice to know what is going on in the facilities. When we replaced the system, Abloy showed their ability to listen to the customer and to develop the system in accordance with our user experience and needs. Interaction with Abloy is still extremely important, since development work is continuously being carried out, Fagerström says.

The new system was so well received at Helen that it was expanded to the energy company’s other facilities at a fast pace.

The next turn is to replace the locking system of the distribution substations and electrical stations of Helen Electricity and take advantage of the features in one ecosystem.

The locking system is now managed through information, and not just through feel. In the future, ouraim is to further automate the system. This will be fully possible with the help of Abloy.


  • Helen Ltd. produces and sells electrical energy to approximately 400,000 customers in Finland.
  • The company’s district heating covers more than 90% of the heating requirements in Helsinki.
  • Helen produces and sells energy-efficient district cooling in the Helsinki area.