With ABLOY, only the sky’s the limit


South-African Given Msomi, 27, has spent the last couple of months at Abloy’s Joensuu Factory in ASSA ABLOY graduate program.

Given has studied Industrial and production engineering at the University of Johannesburg. After graduating in this field she wanted to improve her working skills and knowledge within the manufacturing sector, and therefore she applied to ASSA ABLOY South Africa for a six-months lean program in 2016. After her six months’ lean program her HR and direct manager encouraged her to apply for the EMEA graduate program that ASSA ABLOY offers to young professionals like her. She took a chance that changed her career for the better. 

“I decided to take part in this graduate program because of the international experience it offered. It allowed me the opportunity to enhance my engineering skills on an international level and it is a great platform to network. But, when I heard that I’m going to Finland my first thought was “Where is Finland, it must be a very cold place!” Then I came to conclusion that I would not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity just because of the cold weather. So I packed my bags and on March 11th I arrived at Finland to start my three-month internship.”

During her internship in Joensuu factory, Given has worked within the production development office and currently she’s working on different kinds of projects concerning layouts and lean manufacturing techniques. Having an internship in a global corporation is an advantage Given highly values.

“With ABLOY, only the sky's the limit. The corporation has given me professional working experience and a platform to market myself. I also made lots of important business contacts, which are a major advantage in one’s career. The internship has given me confidence and great business skills particularly in project management.”
She has also got familiar with the Finnish work ethic:

“The Finnish working culture is task orientated and people are reserved, meanwhile in the African working culture people are expressive and things get done in African time with a little bit of sociality. In Joensuu we have weekly meetings where we discuss how the assignments are progressing and if someone needs help. This project status update is one of the things I would like to implement at the ASSA ABLOY South Africa factory.”

Given admits that after her graduate program in June one thing she is going to miss is the tranquillity of the northern country. She also gives credits to her colleagues for making her stay at Finland memorable and pleasant.

“There has been a series of fun activities that have been planned for the graduates by their respective departments. The highlight for me would have to be ice fishing and skiing as it was the first time for me to be in contact with so much snow. This is definitely the kind of experience I will never forget.”