“Studying abroad really gives you a perspective”

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Annually approximately 15-20 students are doing their practical training at the Abloy Oy Joensuu factory. Most of the trainees study in North Karelia professional college, but it isn’t the only school that Abloy co-operates with – Abloy has collaboration as well with Karelia University of Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland and other universities. In addition to practical training, co-operation consists of visits and participating in different events, as well as annual diploma and thesis workers.

In September Abloy Oy had trainees from a bit further off, as German students Leila Redler and Nico Taylor were doing their practical studies at the Joensuu factory. They both are doing an apprenticeship at Mercedes Benz factory in Kessen Germany, where they are studying a profession of a mechanic.

Training period at the cylinder assembly at Abloy Oy Joensuu factory was part of their Erasmus exchange program, which was arranged with North Karelia professional college. Besides work experience, training abroad has given a chance to meet local people and improve cultural understanding.

“At the factory I have learned about the products and how the process works. In general, I have learned about the Finnish culture” tells Redler.

At the same time, local student Alex Gustafsson was doing his practical training at the factory. He studies ICT at the North Karelia professional college. Gustafsson is also familiar with Erasmus program, as he was studying last year in France as an exchange student.

“Studying abroad really gives you a perspective towards your own studies. It gives you a chance to see how similar studies are done in other countries.” Says Gustafsson.

They all agree that they will most likely study more after graduation. Gustafsson sees it possible to work in Abloy in the future, and he considers training as an opportunity to get his “foot in the door”.

There is always work for a good employee. One of the important criteria is being active and motivated to work, no matter if you are looking for a place to do your training period, or available jobs at Abloy.

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