Winners of Merlion Awards - ABLOY ONLINE CLIQ and Traka21

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New ABLOY ONLINE CLIQ and Traka 21 were presented gold and silver in the access control category at the Merlion Awards in the Safety & Security ASIA 2015 Exhibition, 29 September.

Golden winner 2015, new ABLOY ONLINE CLIQ enables updating the access rights of a key wirelessly with a smartphone using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This feature eliminates transportation time and cost for mobile taskforce to return to HQ to get up-to-date access rights. It is a crucial advantage for utilities and critical infrastructure end users who have a network of secured spaces in wide remote areas.

“Some of our customers have been asking us for an online system in which a key can be activated to work only on request. Now we can meet this demand, and our Professional End Users can have peace of mind when they have lost a key, as their key is primarily a dummy and will only work when Activated On Call (AOC),” says Francis Teo, Managing Director of Abloy South East Asia.

The design of the ONLINE key is 100 % compatible with all existing ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ systems. This makes it possible to upgrade existing locking systems with the ONLINE key’s benefits without replacing the locking cylinders. With both offline and online keys in the same system, operational security and efficiency can be calibrated accordingly even for a diverse group of key holders.

Traka 21, awarded the silver medal, is an intelligent key management system for small to medium sized businesses. Simple, efficient and cost effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.

The Merlion Awards serve to honour outstanding new designs and products in the field of security.

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