Abloy's new key deposit CYL190 has passed the top burglary proof tests. Access rights can be easily managed with CLIQ Web Manager and it allows you to follow a real-time audit trail. The key deposit has met the high burglary proof standard of Finance Finland.

How it works

  • Individual access rights based on the clock and calendar ensure that employees can access the right place at the right time – and nothing else.
  • Real-time audit trail – every usage of the key will be saved in the system
  • If a key is lost, removing it from the system and creating a new one is quick and easy.

Case Länsi-Uusimaa Fire Department


  • Patented solution with good performance ability
  • Reliable provider
  • Meets the recommendations of Finance Finland

Solution: Double secured two-key-system

Access rights are updated every day via the WallPD at the fire station. The key deposit inside the fire truck can be opened with the updated key, and thus the second PROTEC2 CLIQ key can be used for the key deposits at customers’ sites.

– We wanted to use a two-key-system, so that we could ensure the double-secured condition for our customers’ route keys, says Chief Fire Officer Mika Mäkelä.