PIN Code Validation now possible with CLIQ™ keys

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What’s new in the CLIQ Web Manager update 7.1? The most significant improvement is the new PIN code validation feature in CLIQ Connect solution. PIN validation is an optional feature for CLIQ Connect keys.


In critical environment where a high level of security is required, but it is not possible to utilize short revalidation periods due to, for example, key holder’s lack of Internet connection. In such cases, PIN validation feature provides an efficient solution, as the validity of the access rights can be set min. 1 min.


Key holder provides a PIN code in CLIQ™ Connect App to activate a key for the time period specified by administrator. If the key is lost or stolen, it cannot be used without the PIN code. Moreover, a key holder does not necessarily need Internet connection for activating a key, as the connection can be made via Bluetooth.

CLIQ Connect in a nutshell

CLIQ Connect App functions the same way as a WallPD. You can update key validity, once you have paired the key to the app – and all this can be done remotely with your smartphone.

  • Can be linked to both new and existing PROTEC2 CLIQ systems.
  • Access rights of keys can be updated whenever and wherever.
  • Utilising the employees' own smartphones maximises cost efficiency.
  • Security risks of lost keys are eliminated with real-time locking rights, which allows one-time access right, when necessary.
  • Real-time access register can be utilised e.g. in resource management.