Co-operation negotiations completed at Abloy’s Björkboda factory

Abloy Oy has completed the employee co-operation negotiations started in October 2017 at the Björkboda factory in Kemiönsaari. Production and logistics operations will be concentrated in Joensuu.

The co-operation negotiations focused on centralising Finnish production and logistics operations to Joensuu. The negotiations concerned all Abloy Oy’s employees at the Björkboda factory.

As a result of the negotiations, Abloy Oy has decided to focus its production and logistics operations in Finland to the Joensuu factory in order to strengthen long-term competitiveness and achieve cost savings. The operations at the Björkboda factory will cease after the centralisation, and the reduction in employee numbers will affect the entire staff at the factory.

The reorganisation of the operations will mean that deliveries to customers will be implemented from the Joensuu factory in the future. The new operating model is a response to Abloy’s customers’ changing requirements.

“Along with traditional locking solutions, the demand for our digital locking solutions is growing. Automation and intelligent buildings are becoming increasingly common. The need to protect critical structures such as energy, logistics, data communications and health care operations and other critical infrastructure is also increasing. Our strong expertise and efficient operations form the base to our growing business areas,” says Abloy’s CEO Jari Toivanen.

Any measures concerning the employees, such as redundancies and changes to their terms of employment, are expected to be implemented from 2018 onwards and by the end of 2019 at the latest. There are 42 permanent employees at the Björkboda factory. According to the employer’s estimate, the Joensuu factory will need 28 additional employees.

Even though the need for a reduction in employee numbers could not be avoided, as many as possible of those under threat of redundancy will be offered another job in the company. Abloy Oy will offer support for employment, education and entrepreneurial activities. Other employment opportunities in Southwest Finland are also being explored.

For more information, please contact:

Jari Toivanen, CEO

Requests for interviews tel. +358 40 673 5040.