Abloy brings self-awareness to electric locks


Is there enough fuel in my car? Did I remember to charge my phone? Cars are designed to warn of a depleting fuel tank, phones and fire alarms forewarn, when the battery is running out – wouldn’t you like the same ability of anticipation from your locks? This is where the story begins; Abloy launches intelligent motor locks with a new self-aware feature for Scandinavian mortise.

The first self-aware lock diagnoses the condition of its  capacitors regularly. When the lock has comes to the end its lifecycle it gives a warning – just like a phone or a fire alarm. From the viewpoint of security and facility managers’ this makes security management easier and gives peace of mind, knowing that the product locks up and runs smoothly.

“Peace of mind arises from awareness — of certainty about yourself and your surroundings”, says Abloy’s Area Manager Kim Rolandsen. “By bringing an updated version of high quality motor locks, our purpose is to make the facilities at the same time more secure and safer.

Where is the self-aware feature required?

There are two models of the electric handle controlled locks with the self-diagnostic feature:

The Fail Unlocked (FU) model for high security two-way access doors, which has an electric handle control which is activated in the case of a power cut. E.g in case of a fire alarm sounding, the exit handle or bar is released and people can exit.

The Fail Locked (FL) model has the opposite function: it is for exceptional environments, such as military, and has an electric handle which is deactivated in case of a power cut.

“If we think about for example dementia care homes, where electric handle control should be unreleased in usual daily life, but when it comes to a case of emergency, like a fire alarm, the electric handle control needs to work to allow people to get to safety”, says Kim Rolandsen.

Both models are available for profile doors (EL495 FU and EL495 FL) and wooden or solid doors (EL595 FU and EL595 FL).

For more common usage there are the basic versions of the locks: EL495 and EL595. These motor locks are compliant with emergency exit standards and fit well to any facility that does not have special requirements.

The self-aware lock in action:

How  does the self-aware lock warn about the end of its lifecycle? The lock case analyzes its ability to perform electric egress in an alarm situation. If the result is below the reference value, the lock alarms with a constant sound.

Why? “When it comes to safety and security, there is no reason to leave repairs to a later date. Like with fire alarms, the self-aware lock can be repaired in time before the lock actually stops functioning”, says Kim Rolandsen.

Updated models will replace previous models of EL490 and EL590. Besides the self-diagnostic features, new models have improved humidity protection.

For more information please contact:

Kim Rolandsen
Area Manager of Abloy Scandinavia
Cell phone: +46703728834
Mail: kim.rolandsen@abloy.com