Reduced maintenance and operational costs for data centres in Latin America

Lumen brings together the talent, experience, infrastructure and capabilities of CenturyLink, Level 3 and more than 25 other companies. It integrates network assets, cloud connectivity, security solutions, and voice and collaboration tools in one platform that enables businesses to leverage their data and adopt next-generation technologies.

With 720,000 km of fibre routes and serving customers in more than 60 countries, Lumen provides an enterprise technology platform that enables companies to capitalise on the emerging applications that are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Lumen needed to improve revenue control at more than 100 sites in Argentina. In the past, a great number of shared keys were in use within their organisation. After making a large number of copies, the security vulnerability increased, because there was no control over the key copies that had been made. 

Adrián Acosta, responsible for Lumen’s Physical Security for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, shares how they managed to increase their data centres’ security level: “Our main objective is to provide a safe workplace and protect the company’s operations. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to reinforce our security in the different locations. Previously, we had an access control system, which required a lot of maintenance.”

Total control of keys

Lumen tested and evaluated solutions from different providers by conducting quality tests. After three months’ testing, both locally and regionally, Lumen decided to trust ABLOY’s solution because of its quality products and scalability at the Latin American level:

“We’ve installed ABLOY EL560 electric locks, which have given us very good results. From this, we moved on to work on our project for Argentina, installing Abloy’s PROTEC2 CLIQ remote access management solution at 100 sites. The system combines electromechanical technology, reduced operating costs, the possibility of audit trails, centralised administration through the management system, total control of keys, and the ability to eliminate lost or stolen keys from the system if required.”

Lumen is now working on installations in Colombia and at their sites in Chile and Peru. In addition to their site security, Lumen is expanding the current locking solution to their clients’ racks inside the data centres:

“For some clients in Argentina, we’ve started to use Abloy’s sequence lock feature, which is developed for environments where two separate persons are needed to open the lock. When entering the key in the cylinder, an orange light appears, indicating that we need a second person to open the rack. This is very useful for PCI audits, for example. We believe that it is a very practical technology, with very good results and low costs."

For ABLOY’s part, Víctor Hugo Manzanilla, ABLOY Latin America’s Sales Manager, continues:

“It’s very important for us for us to provide solutions that protect clients’ strategic assets at the highest level. We want to increase their security, but also enable them to optimise their operations at the same time. Abloy’s PROTEC2 CLIQ solution thus allows any type of infrastructure to be easily protected, not only for maintenance but also for installation, because the system doesn’t require any type of cabling. It’s a perfect solution for achieving the desired levels of optimisation and security from the outset, without the need to modify the existing infrastructure.”

“Abloy’s solution allows us to have lower maintenance costs and operational expenses (OPEX), and better operational control. It minimises risks, complies with internal and external audits, and keeps our customer satisfaction at a good level with practical solutions. “

Adrián Acosta, Responsible for Lumen’s Physical Security for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru


  •  Access management with easy maintenance and reduced operational costs
  •  Total control of keys and ability to eliminate lost or stolen keys from the system
  •  Centralised admininstration
  •  Audit trail 


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