ABLOY ACTIVE is an infection reducing antimicrobial coating

Door contact surfaces are a convenient place for harmful bacteria to spread through physical contact. Specifically designed for door accessories, Abloy's ACTIVE solution, destroys bacteria efficiently thanks to the antimicrobial properties of silver. Our unique ACTIVE antimicrobial coating is ideal for door environments both in the home and for public places.

A standard feature on all painted handles

All our painted handles come with an ACTIVE coating. The standard colours for painted handles are white, grey, black and graphite. Other colours are available by special order. With a wide range of colours and ACTIVE antimicrobial coating, it is possible to create not only a hygienic, but also an aesthetically coherent door environment.

Save in the cost, invest in welfare

Our ACTIVE solution is an efficient and effortless way to improve standards of hygiene both at home and in places used by high volumes of people, such as schools, hospitals and offices. Reducing the number of infections will lead to less absences due to illness, fewer hospital days and lower healthcare costs.

Naturally powerful silver

ACTIVE coating is antimicrobial due to the silver particles it contains, whose bacteria-killing properties have been known for centuries. ACTIVE solution destroys 99% of harmful bacteria* and remains antimicrobial and hygienically protective with regular cleaning. (*BioCote) 

HygTech Alliance

We are part of the HygTech Alliance and our common goal is to develop individual antimicrobial products and solutions related to hygiene management. The companies in the Alliance are convinced that building technology solutions and fittings developed for hygiene management will enable a significant reduction in the rates of hospital infections and other diseases transmitted through contact.