Case Helen - Keeping the wheels of society running

The Helen Group, recognised as the world’s best provider of urban energy, has several power plants as well as numerous distribution substations and electric stations in Finland. They help provide heating to hundreds of thousands of Finnish homes and companies and keep the wheels of the society rolling. For energy production to be constant without unwanted interruptions, the production plants must be kept secured.

“In four years, only nine keys have gone missing. Previously, we would have had to rekey entire locking systems; now we just checked one box.”

Mats Fagerström, Helen Group’s Chief Security Officer



  • 1,100 employees had over 30,000 keys, which made the key control hard

  • Lack of flexible access control with mechanical keys

  • Lost keys could not always be determined



  • High security is critical in a field where the complete service must be 100 % reliable without disturbance. That is why Helen chose remotely controlled PROTEC2 CLIQ as an access control system, which is based on mechanical and electronic identification. Access rights in the key can be set to a certain time and date and can be easily changed, removed or revalidated. 
  • Traka, an intelligent key cabinet takes care of the key management – Helen is able to trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardized.



  • The number of keys dropped to 1,300 

  • Each key provides access only for the duration of the workday – no more. 

  • Helen is able to manage their security through information, because of PROTEC2 CLIQ audit trail feature. 

  • If a key is lost, there's no need for rekeying - electric key can be deleted from the system.


PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements. 



Super Weather Proof Padlocks

The Super Weather Proof (SWP) Padlock range meets IP68 specifications and can withstand the harshest conditions from storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust. They also come with electromechanical versions able to be linked to our CLIQ system.