ABLOY develops many products engineered to customer specifications. All products are designed with Maximum Security and Resistance to Harsh Environments incorporated into a lasting solution. Historically an engineering driven manufacturer, our focus of product solutions is widespread, through use of existing and modified off-the-shelf products, or entirely new product solutions designed and engineered for customer objectives.

We recognize the need for customer design requirements and logistic flow of products required for customer production schedules. Liberal blanket purchasing programs provide for continued supply of products according to production requirements while easing the financial burden of bulk purchasing. ABLOY® SENTRY and ASSA® Desmo products provide features and benefits unmatched in Security and Endurance, including: Maximum Security and Patented & Restricted Key Systems.

  • Millions of key codes are available for large customer base applications

  • Case-hardened steel lock bodies protect against physical attacks

  • Sophisticated security design provides for inner cylinders of virtually pick-proof and impression-proof design

Harsh environmental conditions are a favored application for these products, providing for a high degree of resistance in conditions such as corrosion, dirt, freezing and other hazardous environments. Long term endurance requirements are taken into account for the design of each product, providing for unmatched reliability.

As the High Security and Environmental Application leader in OEM applications, Abloy meets every need. Some examples of these are: Security Containers, Safes, Computer Applications, Transportation Products (air, rail, trucking, marine), Retail Cabinet Displays, Lockers, Vending Equipment, Gaming Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, Manufacturing Interlocks and Parking Meters.