Access management for Commercial and Institutional environments

Continuous changes in the operating environment call for the working environment to adjust flexibly to the various needs, including all security aspects. To ensure the safety of employees and the public at all times, constant coordination of security design requirements is necessary. Abloy solutions answer stakeholder concerns and ensure meeting various compliance criteria from authorities. Given the surroundings Abloy's industry leading electric locks and Protec2 CLIQ solution lay the foundations the physical access can be controlled as needed.

Locking solutions for your needs

From your building’s doors to your area’s access points, ABLOY’s comprehensive product range ensures uncompromised safety in commercial and institutional buildings. Whether you have small properties, shops and offices, or big public buildings, business premises, hospitals, educational premises, shopping centres and sports stadiums your needs are basically the same: secure, trusted solutions.With Abloy products you can flexibily choose and pick the components to build a solution that matches your demands for operational efficiency and helps you in building measures for ultimate security controls. Whether you need a realiable solution for your main door, or you need to control access to a specific room, Abloy has the solution for your need. 

Easily controlled electric locks

Abloy electric locks can be electrically controlled by access control system or by a remote control system such as timer, keypad or push button. Depending on your need Abloy have electric locking solutions for  both exit doors and fire rated doors, for doors with high traffic and the highest security needs for Scandinavia, Europrofile or ANSI domains.