High security that protects entire petroleum infrastructure and assets

With precision access control management, Abloy’s advanced mechanical and electromechanical solutions secure every restricted access point and infrastructure in the petroleum industry. Preventing unforeseen interruptions from sabotage, tampering, terrorism and internal theft. Making security a certainty and adding trust to keep the world running safely and smoothly. 

For Trust in Oil and Petroleum

Abloy solutions bring efficiency, control and security to all essential infrastructure, assets, access points of the Oil and Petroleum industry. 

Ensuring the highest quality fuel delivery and security from the terminal to gas station

The number of utilities, public institutions, industrial enterprises and companies that demand 24/7 oil and petroleum delivery is increasing. Every interruption, sabotage or breach loses revenue, reduces safety and damages reputation. Abloy has some of the most innovative solutions to secure the petrol tanks, to protect the fuel quality in the delivery from the petroleum terminal and trucks to the gas station. Our unique rotating disc technology, CLIQ technology and super weatherproof padlocks enables tamperproof locking solutions. 

Securing petrol tanks and fuel quality

Keeping the loads safe from the terminal and trucks to the gas station. 

Securing the petroleum in extreme environments

Abloy has raised industry standards of protection with the most robust solutions that withstand the harshest physical attacks, resist chemical corrosion and extreme weather conditions. This is perfectly suited to the petroleum refineries and exploration sites or rigs, often found in the most remote locations with hostile and extreme conditions on earth. Our CLIQ electromechanical technology brings a convenient robustness with our super weatherproof padlocks and cylinders that are IP68 approved and ATEX compliant. They provide remote access rights management with a comprehensive audit trail that tracks all movement in a digital solution. 

Protected under any circumstances

Robust solutions that are built to withstand the harshest of physical attack or environments. 

Seamlessly securing the entire petroleum logistics with integration

Abloy’s solutions bring added value with integration capability to connect two or more digital solutions. For example, during the delivery process, locks can be connected to a trucks GPS tracking system, only allowed to be opened at a registered location. This makes your daily business processes more secure and efficient with a single automated information flow. No more complicated key logistics, better security, record keeping and automated notifications for each delivery. 

An automated, simpler and more secure petroleum business

Abloy integration brings seamless collaboration with your digital solutions to secure your petroleum logistics. 

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A whole security solution for Petroleum infrastructure and assets


PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements. 


CLIQ Connect

CLIQ Connect mobile solution minimises the risks around lost keys, logistics of managing them and access control. You are able to grant access rights from wherever you are, even to unmanned locations, regardless of distance and time, with the convenience of mobile technology.

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Super Weather Proof Padlocks

The Super Weather Proof (SWP) Padlock range meets IP68 specifications and can withstand the harshest conditions from storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust. They also come with electromechanical versions able to be linked to our CLIQ system.