Unlocking the potential of mobile digital key

Today, we’re proud to globally share the news of our latest take on the development of the key – the new ABLOY® BEAT solution. I’d like to share some more background and details in this blog post, in addition to what we announced in our press release.

The key, as we know it, is undergoing an evolution. The traditional physical key is changing form. Locking systems are not only becoming safer and more secure, but also increasingly digital and more convenient. No matter what the future brings, every lock still needs to be opened with some form of key.

We at Abloy have long ago decided to be at the forefront of this “keyvolution”, as we at Abloy call it. We have embraced the challenge with innovation. With the introduction of BEAT, we are transforming our world-leading physical key and security technology into a digital key which you can use with a mobile app.

We are happy to see that BEAT already at receives recognition, as it was awarded the Govies Government Security Award earlier this month. BEAT won the award in the Lock and Locking Systems category. The annual award was announced and presented by Security Today magazine and the securitytoday.com website.

A heavy-duty Bluetooth padlock

As a part of the BEAT system, we’ve also created a specially designed new, heavy-duty IP68 approved padlock that operates even in the hardest weather conditions and harshest environments. Its operating temperature is from -25°C to 60°C. The BEAT padlock complements our SUPER WEATHER PROOF product range.

The padlock’s body and shackle are made of case-hardened steel, finished with chrome. Part of the body also has a Grivory® thermoplastic part, which the Bluetooth signal is able to pass.

The BEAT padlock communicates with the digital key in the mobile device with a Bluetooth BLE 4.2 connection with an operating range of up to 50 meters. The lock uses type CR2 or alternatively type 12AA batteries, which are planned to last more than 5 000 lock openings (access cycles), or five years. Should the battery be fully discharged, the lock can also be fed with backup power through its USB-C port.

How does the digital key work?

The BEAT mobile app, which the digital key is used with, is designed with an easy-to-use interface. It allows flexible access and activation of user’s access rights remotely. It also forwards audit trail data to the system’s backend service and forward to ABLOY OS, our visual user interface for the management of BEAT access rights and locks.

The digital key and all other BEAT components are encrypted and secured with the multi-layered Seos® credential technology. SEOS is developed by HID Global, which also is part of ASSA ABLOY.

The app is currently available for mobile devices running on Android. It will soon also become available for iOS devices.


What are the benefits of ABLOY BEAT?

Many of our current customer organizations in more mature markets already have legacy security systems in their infrastructure. Based on our conversations with them, we’re sure they will appreciate the new connectable addition BEAT brings to our current ABLOY digital portfolio. Starting from Q2 this year, all ABLOY solutions in this portfolio can be managed with ABLOY OS – including our electromechanical and mechanical products, such as PROTEC2 CLIQ and ABLOY PROTEC2.

To sum up why we think our customers will receive BEAT with joy, is that it will simplify and secure their operations:

  • it brings more visibility and situational awareness into the management of security assets – customers will have no more anonymous entries as they can identify everyone who enters or exits your assets
  • it improves security with an audit trail of every instance of use of a BEAT lock
  • it’s easy to use
  • it simplifies key logistics and key management, and
  • it’s convenient to manage with our visual ABLOY OS interface

In the near future, BEAT can also be integrated with 3rd party systems or added to your existing workflow.

On top of this, as the digital key drastically reduces unnecessary key logistics and travel – especially in remote locations – organizations will not only save on costs and time, but on fuel emissions as well. This makes BEAT a sustainable option.

You may wonder where the name “BEAT” comes from. We associate it to the regular, rhythmic beat of the heart or the beat of music. Similarly, ABLOY BEAT is always in sync with your security situation, keeping a smooth flow of all your contractors and employees. With ABLOY BEAT you won’t miss a beat.


How to learn more about ABLOY BEAT?

To help our professional customers in the deployment of BEAT, our global distribution network serves in over 90 countries worldwide. Furthermore, to constantly be close, serve and support our professional customers and partners worldwide, we have a network of ABLOY Sales Units in 20 countries and seven ABLOY Competence Centers for major regions.

If you’re interested to learn more about BEAT, please visit the BEAT website or download the brochure.

Don’t forget to join the #AbloyForTrust and #Abloykeyvolution conversations on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

We also intend to demonstrate BEAT at various events this year, including Expo Seguridad in México (21–23 April), ISC Brazil in Sao Paulo (30 June-2 July), ISC West in Las Vegas (July), IFSEC International in London (8–10 September), and Rail Live! in Madrid.  Given the current situation regarding the rescheduling of many events, you will be best informed of our showcase plans by following our channels.

Hope to see you soon!

Jorma Issakainen

Vice President
ABLOY Critical Infrastructure
Tel. +358 400 83 27 88