ABLOY USA introduces new Security Products catalog


January 6, 2020 – To better serve their growing distributor network, ABLOY USA has introduced a new and first of its kind 50-page security products catalog. Now available for distributors and their locksmith, security dealer and system integrator customers, the comprehensive catalog contains in-depth security product details for its entire Critical Infrastructure product protection line.

”It’s the next stage of a multi-step plan to continue supporting our distributor partners in the security hardware channel. Developing this catalog is a critical component for sales teams in the education and specification process for our customers,” said Jerry Burhans, Managing Director of ABLOY USA.

”It showcases the complete line of products we have to offer and validates the size, strength, and scope of what ABLOY delivers to the market. In the past year, we have hired new vertical market managers and introduced new sales support tools and merchandising displays of product samples. With this new catalog, our representatives everywhere now have the ultimate sales tool.”

The first pages explain ABLOY’s 100+ years of history and vertical markets served: Gaming, Government & Defense, Petrochemical, Airports, Trucking and Transportation, and Utilities. A few pages explain various product benefits and information, including the unique security features of the ABLOY product line and why the brand is trusted by governments, the defense industry and those end users in need of high security.

The bulk of the catalog contains detailed information on ABLOY’s cylinders, deadbolts, and all lock categories: Padlocks, Cam Locks, Cabinet and Auxiliary. It also includes sections for Accessories – which includes the popular PROTEC2 Starter Kit – and Terms & Conditions, plus an extensive price list.

”Distributors now have easier accessibility than ever before to understanding and selling our complete product line,” noted Burhans. ”The ABLOY Security Catalog is a great way to kick off 2020. It puts solutions for their customers at their fingertips and will be a great source to growing their businesses over the next several years.”