ABLOY USA establishes AIA approved Lunch & Learn CEU Course

February 13 2020 – ABLOY USA is now offering a 1.0 Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) continuing education program. Designed for architect, engineering, government, and consulting firms that are focused on critical infrastructure products, the American Institute of Architects approved course is being presented in a Lunch & Learn format at offices in the U.S.

The CEU course is centered on complete key management control solutions for high security facilities that ABLOY USA offers. It covers options for the installation of an electromechanical, high security key locking system with patented rotating disc mechanical locks, electronic intelligent keys, and ABLOY’s PROTEC2 CLIQ™ software technology to achieve an electronic audit trail.

”We are getting a positive response from firms because this course can be held on their own time. The concept of electronic key control is very new or unknown by most,” said Mark Scharff, ABLOY’s Vertical Market Manager for architects and engineers. In charge of this program, he joined the company in mid-2019 and has 25 years experience of bridging the gap between the manufactuer and product influencer. 

”The HSW CEU course will help participants explain to their high security administration clients how to safely grant, register access, and manage the keys and locks for employees and visitors for any critical infrastructure or high risk property,” continued Scharff.

”Current and relevant codes pertaining to specific, high security lock mandates will be discussed, as well as NERC and EPA requirements for specific critical infrastructure sectors. In one hour, they will learn and have a better understanding of how ABLOY manufactures mechanical and electromechanical deadbolts, padlocks and door cylinders to provide the best high security system in the world.”

ABLOY deadbolt locks meet or surpass the highest global standards, in addition to offering ANSI Grade 1 & 2 compliance, with case hardened steel cylinder housings, steel retaining screws, a reinforced steel strike box and protective bolt shield. Padlocks are available in brass, hardened steel and super weatherproof models to offer the ultimate protection for open, fenced facilities containing high risk or valuable equipment, and repair yards, depots, distribution centers, substations and gas, water or electric properties.

The ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ represents game changing technology for electronic access control. Scharff believes ABLOY’s door cylinders also are true difference makers.

”Our patented disc technology is the most advanced mechanical locking system in the world. It is also far superior to the typical pins and springs all other lock manufacturers produce,” explained Scharff. ”Customers know ABLOY has a different, more secure lock. It has almost two million different key combinations under a single key profile and the lock keys can’t be duplicated. The other important feature is that you can’t bump or pick the lock.”

Learn more about ABLOY’s 3-part product specifications by clicking here. To schedule an ABLOY AIA Lunch & Learn CEU session or for more information on hosting an event, all architect, engineering and consulting firms should contact Mark Scharff: Mark.Scharff@assaabloy.com.


ABLOY Mark Scharff