Maintenance, support and updates with exceptional ease.

With SaaS (Software as a Service), you get the essential support and updates without unexpected major investments or extra costs.

Four reasons to choose Software as a Service:

1. You can focus on the essentials
You don't need extra investment IT skills of staff, data centres, data security, updates or maintenance  we take care of them for you.

2. You have peace of mind
The security of our SaaS services is updated regularly, and the information is backed up daily.

3. No unexpected charges
The service is always scaled and customised according to customer needs. Billing is based only on the agreed Service level Agreement (SLA) elements.

4. Invest in the future
The service is always safe, up to date and above all carefree.

Our services for managing PROTEC2 CLIQ - Access control and locking management system:


Standard – Cloud service securely and flexibly

  • Maintaining your CLIQ Web Manager environment in a server environment hosted by Abloy
  • Basic support on weekdays 8-16
  • Automatic version updates
  • Automatic daily data backup
  • System platform maintenance (incl. monitoring and information security management)

Dedicated Service – Customised service

  • Maintain your CLIQ Web Manager in a dedicated server environment provided by Abloy. Performance optimized by system size
  • Version updates within the agreed schedule
  • 99,5% Service Level (SLA)
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Regular data recovery testing

Platinum Support – Increased support

  • 24/7 application support service
  • Accelerated processing and response times
  • Monthly support service report

For more information on PROTEC2 CLIQ services and how to deploy them, please contact your Abloy contact person.