ABLOY® products not only meet requirements of exacting international standards but also national and customer specific standards for high security. This ensures products and services will always meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. At ABLOY, we understand we have to earn trust in our solutions, their reliability, and their ease of use every day of the year. To guarantee performance in every condition, products are tested to levels more severe than those required in the relevant standards.

Every ABLOY® product is tested for its durability in the conditions where it must operate, with cycles and weights that exceed those required in the standards. Products are tested both in our own testing facility and by official testing authorities. For example, the ABLOY detainer disc cylinder is subjected to half a million opening events, five times more than is required in the standard’s most-severe test procedures, and the ABLOY CERTA motor locks are tested with 500.000 cycles with 5 kg sideload – that’s more than twice the standard cycle requirement.

ABLOY tests for physical attack. In addition to mechanised testing, durability and reliability are continuously tested manually by hammering, twisting and pulling. Products are also tested for corrosion. In the corrosion test based on the EN 12320 standard, the test conditions are made more severe by using acetic acid spray instead of salt spray in the testing cabinet.

Abloy has used a quality system certified according to SFS-EN ISO 9001 ever since the 1980’s and an environmental system certified according to SFS-EN ISO 14001 since the 1990’s. In 2009, the occupational health and safety system of Abloy was certified according to OHSAS 18001 standard.