ABLOY Key Profiles



PROTEC2 – Key blanks are protected with worldwide patents. A code card required for key duplication. Keys can only be cut on dedicated ABLOY® key cutting machines. Security levels 3 and 4.

PROTEC2 CLIQ – The micro-electronics within the key cannot be illegally copied, even if key is “loaned out”. Keys blanks are protected by strong patents, and the electronic code is protected by strong encryption giving both mechanical as well as electronic security. Security Level 4.

ABLOY® SENTRY - Long lasting working life for ABLOY® SENTRY is based on the improved resistance against wear and tear (AWS) system. Because of the patented AWS system, the effect of wear to the cylinder mechanism is minimized. Its new, patented functional features give more exact user experience. Key profiles for security levels 2 through 4 are available.