ABLOY USA to debut new security padlock and focus on Distributor network at ALOA 2019


Visit us at booth #1026

ABLOY USA (booth 1026) plans to introduce a revolutionary new padlock series for critical infrastructure applications and discuss its expanding distributor network at the American Locksmiths of America’s 2019 Convention and Security Expo, August 16-17 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

“There have been many changes that have taken place at ABLOY USA since last year’s convention. That’s good news for any locksmith seeking new growth opportunities in the Critical Infrastructure market,” said Jerry Burhans, the company’s Managing Director.

“We are focused on improving the process for locksmiths to have easy access to high quality ABLOY products. We’re also providing new sales tools and merchandising aids to support their sales efforts in utilities, municipal water treatment, airports and rail transportation, or anywhere the end user’s need for high security locking solutions is an essential requirement,” continued Burhans.

“That’s why we are expanding our distributor network and partnership opportunities. We have exceptional high security and key control products for locksmiths’ customers, especially those who need larger volumes. Establishing these new support relationships in the distribution channel will make it easier to have access to our products and support resources in these key vertical markets.”

Recently, ABLOY USA announced new National Distributor partnerships with global distributor Anixter, Inc. and leading New York City provider Standard Wholesale Hardware. Standard will sell high security padlocks and cylinders and other supplies to locksmiths in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Anixter will be expanding brand awareness of mechanical and electromechanical high security products in the Critical Infrastructure market. More locksmith distributor agreements will be announced shortly.

One new product locksmiths will soon have available to sell is the ABLOY PL series. These robust and reliable padlocks offer the utmost for maximum security. Manufactured from solid steel, they feature alloy shackles and the capability of Abloy’s Super Weather Proof. The SWP series was created for sensitive applications in exposed or remote locations. It continually withstands the harshest elements in the most extreme climates.

“Our Super Weather Proof padlock is the highest quality product available in the market today. Extending its benefits and advantages to the new PL series makes it a very attractive offering for locksmiths to generate new revenue stream opportunities in the Critical Infrastructure sector,” explained Burhans.

“The PL 330, 340 and 350 series represents a wide range of applications associated with pumping stations, power substations, transformers, control rooms, rail yards, gates and perimeter fencing. These padlocks also compliment the award-winning ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ Connect, our unique remote management system that enables audit trails to be generated for individual locks, keys or users. If a key is lost, it no longer creates a major security risk. All keys can be activated, and access changed or removed, with our software.”

Burhans and other ABLOY USA representatives will be available in booth 1026 to answer any questions about the PL series and other products. For more information, please visit www.abloyusa.com.


ABLOY USA will feature the new PL padlock series and display boards at ALOA 2019.