ABLOY USA’s high security products at GSX target Critical Infrastructure concerns


Visit ABLOY USA at booth 2523

August 22, 2019 – As securing the nation’s critical infrastructure attracts more attention from federal and state governments, the need for high security locking solutions will continue to increase. ABLOY USA (booth 2523) is prepared to help security administrators meet these new challenges with products that are already available, including two that will be showcased at the Global Security Exchange (GSX), September 8-12 in Chicago.

Formerly known as the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, the GSX at McCormick Place will serve as the Midwest introduction of ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQTM Connect, an access control mobile app for large, geographically challenged organizations such as utilities and corporate enterprises.

“A growing number of utilities, airports, rail transportation, gas and energy companies, and municipal water treatment operators have an urgent need to define operational or procedural controls to restrict physical access at their sites. They also need ways to authorize and track individuals requiring physical access inside their security perimeters,” said Jerry Burhans, Managing Director of ABLOY USA.

In industries such as utilities, governmental agencies and industry groups are developing standards to help support preparedness of the nation’s electric infrastructure. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), for example, has ordered the imposition of mandatory physical security standards, which would require utilities with critical assets to take steps to address physical security risks and vulnerabilities.

“That’s where CLIQ Connect comes in,” continued Burhans. “The app takes a large organization’s security and efficiency to a new level where lost keys are no longer a security risk. Access rights assigned to keys ensures only the right people have access to the right place at the right time.”

Facility managers have the ability to update, amend, renew or revoke access rights remotely from the CLIQ Web Manager software. Mobile workers simply need to open their CLIQ Connect app for the updated access permissions to be instantly transferred to their programmable CLIQ key via Bluetooth. Lost keys can be activated without needing mechanical keying, and both keys and locks provide an audit trail.

Along with CLIQ Connect, ABLOY USA will also feature the ABLOY® PROTEC2 Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlock, which has quickly earned a reputation as the world’s toughest electromechanical locking solution. It is especially suited for high risk, high value industry sectors such as critical infrastructure, government and defense end users.

Designed to provide supreme protection against forcing, picking and vandalism, the case hardened boron steel shackles of the SWP padlock offer exceptional durability. It has successfully passed demanding corrosion tests, ensuring operation in extreme hot and cold conditions while repelling dirt, dust, grime and moisture including salt water.

To learn more about these products, visit with an ABLOY USA representative at the show in booth 2523. If you’re not attending GSX, visit www.abloyusa.com for more info.