Critical Infrastructure Protection for the Transportation Industry

Due to the accelerating e-commerce and the international trade system, a growing number of organizations depend on the ability to deliver their services 24/7. Any interruption in the supply chain can cause a severe challenge to security, a costly loss of revenue, and customer dissatisfaction. At Abloy, we offer you the latest, future orientated, solutions to streamline your logistic operations and make them more competitive without ever compromising the safety of both cargo and personnel.

Ensured safety, security, and operational efficiency to the whole Transportation Industry

The future-proof Digital Portfolio provides worldwide service with keyless, electromechanical and mechanical options for high security and high-end access control solutions for the whole sea, road, railway and air transportation industry. Whether it's improved operational efficiency, simplified key control, restricted access rights or tracking every movement with centrally controlled digital security management, ABLOY is your supplier with comprehensive product range and developing customized solutions for every need in the Transportation industry.

Remotely controlled security and safety for Road Transportation

ABLOY digital and electromechanical locking, key control, and access management solutions are designed to provide safety during the operation of the trucks in loading and unloading as well as to ensure security during transportation and personnel safety. A keyless solution ABLOY BEAT adds operational efficiency as there’s no need of picking up keys from distant locations as the container can be opened with a digital key and access rights managed by CIPE Manager.

Control and awareness from ports to the sea for Maritime

Ports are not only busy areas and spread over a very large area, but also a major entry points in any country. Seaports warrant special attention when it comes to security threats such as unauthorized access, cargo theft, and smuggling. To protect the whole port area, CIPE Manager management application connects all users, access rights, locks, and keys for maximum security and situational awareness with audit trail that covers every registered key movement in the software.

Solutions for secure Infrastructure, Rolling Stocks and Stations for Railway 

ABLOY provides a comprehensive solution for all parts of the railway transportation. With our Digital Portfolio product range you can manage all your keys, locks, and access rights on-the-go and remotely from a single, highly visual, and easy to use interface. To manage individual competences and reduce the risk of injury or fatality, operations, engineering and safety are always in sync with your security situation.


Ensuring continuous and safe flow of people, logistics and cargo for Aviation

Airports are areas of high security where tens of thousands of people move around every day. There must be a clear distinction between public and demarcated areas. With Abloy's holistic product range for door environment, workers and subcontractors will be able to pass through the doors from which they are currently authorized to pass, and the safe and flexible flow of cargo is guaranteed. Integrated into your existing access control system, the ultimately low power consumption of ABLOY Electric Locks not only makes remarkable results with a lower carbon footprint, it also enables smooth and aesthetic performance under all circumstances.

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ABLOY Transportation solutions portfolio

Abloy is a proven supplier of security and safety solutions for all assets in the critical infrastructure environment and handles every aspect of security upgrade projects with care and expertise.

CIPE Manager

Manage your keys, locks and user rights on the go with CIPE Manager, our  user-friendly, visual interface. ABLOY BEAT, along with our other digital portfolio solutions, are managed with CIPE Manager.



PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys, and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements.



ABLOY BEAT is a new digital locking solution that includes a Super Weather Proof Bluetooth padlock that is operated with a digital, mobile key and secured with the best-in- class Seos® credential technology. It’s managed with CIPE Manager or can be integrated into third-party systems, so you are always in sync with your security situation within all critical infrastructure, industry and businesses.



Designed for a seamless, aesthetic and smooth performance in every circumstance, the ABLOY Electric Locks are the smartest part of your access control system and are easily integrated.