For Trust in Transportation and Logistics

Advanced locking and wireless remote access management solution with integration capabilities resulting in improved security, operational, and cost-efficiency. ABLOY adds trust to the supply chain operations by protecting transported products and improving the safety of drivers and vehicles.


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Strong and Robust Locking Mechanism suited for use in challenging environmental conditions and tested to withstand physical attack.

Digital and remote management system helps in centralised access control and enhanced security.

Wireless electronics makes the system easy to use and deploy, irrespective of geographical location or application.

Integration with other systems and solutions provide seamless information flow, visibility, and control of asset site.

Digital Portfolio for Cargo protection

Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection -Your bridge to the future. A future-proof offering of high-level security and remote access management solution with integration capabilities, even for the most demanding requirements of cargo, to boost your operational efficiency.

Robust, wireless and double secured locking for transportation ecosystem

ABLOY® BEAT - High-end Bluetooth Padlock for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Our Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection offers a wide range of mechanical, electromechanical, and keyless products. These products and solutions provide secured operations of the trucks in loading and unloading as well as ensure security during transportation and personnel safety. 

  • ABLOY offers a unique cylinder mechanism, based on the use of rotating discs offering a durable and long-lasting security system.
  • ABLOY electromechanical solutions offer flexible key control and access management with a full audit trail.
  • ABLOY Keyless locking is always in sync with your security situation within all critical infrastructure, industry, and businesses. 

Profitable ROI and annual savings to improve your business

Any interruption in supply chain can cause a severe challenge to security, a costly loss of revenue, and customer dissatisfaction. ABLOY wireless remote access management solution takes care of such challenges related to internal and external thefts, pilferages and contamination, with profitable returns on investment made towards securing the Transportation ecosystem. 

  • Save time.
  • Save cost of loss or consignment damage.
  • Save cost on penalties and compensations.
  • Retain customer’s trust.
  • Avoid loss of revenue.

Uninterrupted and protected supply chain operations

ABLOY offers solutions that deliver smart digital connectivity, security, control, and seamless remote access management for every aspect of supply chain. One can experience a streamlined access management, with reduce key handling, transparent access, and audit trails with keyless and one-key principle. These solutions can be integrated with your existing workflow as well as 3rd party systems for increased operational efficiency and a 360-degree situational awareness of your vehicles and warehouses.

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“CLIQ has really helped to secure the site and enhance health and safety. We can limit berth access to authorised personnel only, providing us with a level of assurance to security that we didn’t have before.”

Andrew Billings
Group Head of Security at Associated British Ports

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