Completely fluid access control across dispersed premises

ZeFil manages fibre optic communication delivery to businesses in the Toulouse metropolitan area. It provides the final metres of cable between a network provider and the client, in total connecting around 1,000 businesses to more than  40 network operators  in the region.

When it was founded in 2014, ZeFil inherited operations sites scattered around 37 municipalities of Toulouse. Each was equipped with different locks and mechanical keys. Physical key management had become a major hassle, putting service quality at risk, so the company tendered for a new access control system. Tender requirements mandated a system able to:

  •    Ensure high levels of security at all ZeFil operating sites/ premises
  •    Grant access rights very precisely for different employees and contractors, based on fine-grained access needs
  •    Supply wireless devices to fit each of ZeFil’s multiple door types, without the need to run power cables
  •    Ultimately, ensure ZeFil operators and subcontractors remain able to quickly carry out maintenance and maintain service quality at 99.99%

High security for the fibre network

PROTEC2 CLIQ locking from ABLOY was the only solution which met every criterion. Wireless cylinders are installed at all ZeFil’s dispersed operating sites and more than 30 programmable CLIQ keys are distributed to employees and service providers. Each person carries their own key programmed with personalised access permissions. Key-holders could choose between classic updating of key access rights via a programming device in central Toulouse, or CLIQ Connect keys updated via an app on the user’s smartphone. Deployment took place very quickly and user adoption was almost immediate. The time saved is huge for everyone who needs to access ZeFil sites. 

For CLIQ Connect key-holders, travel time previously wasted getting the right mechanical key is now spent on-site, working towards optimum network operation. Good project management, prior to implementation, was another key factor to success. ZeFil worked closely with technical consultants at ASSA ABLOY to identify access points and the required user profile types. All ZeFil access rights must be updated every 24 hours, which ensures a high level of security for the fibre network.

"The fact that the locking cylinders are autonomous, without any need to bring electricity to the site, while allowing to manage access rights in a very fine manner,  is exceptional, I am seduced by this solution!”

Philippe Mlakar, Managing Director of ZeFil.

Benefits of Abloy's solution

  •  Programmed keys with personalised access permission for each holder
  •  More choices available for key-holders to update their access rights, via programming device in central Toulouse or CLIQ Connect
  •  Great amount of time is saved in accessing, traveling, and key-seeking processes
  •  High level of security is ensured 



PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements.

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Super Weather Proof padlock

The Super Weather Proof (SWP) Padlock range meets IP68 specifications and can withstand the harshest conditions from storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust. They also come with electromechanical versions able to be linked to our CLIQ system.

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CLIQ Connect

CLIQ Connect mobile solution takes your organization’s security and efficiency to a new level – You are able to update access rights from wherever you are, even in unmanned locations, regardless of distance, with the convenience of mobile technology.

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