The town of Villiers le Bel has chosen PROTEC² CLIQ to ensure security at all its schools

The town of Villiers le Bel in France needed to reduce the cost of key duplication. Previously, each person in the Technical Centre had around forty keys. If a key was lost, all the cylinders had to be changed and all the keys replaced, which created excessive costs.

The other concern was that those seeking to do harm could make duplicate keys to gain access to secure areas. With PROTEC² CLIQ, however, there’s no need to worry: if a key is lost or stolen, all you need to do is cancel its rights. This also saves time – no more trips to the Technical Centre to retrieve keys for all equipped sites; just one key is enough.

In addition to the Municipal Technical Centre, 10 schools in the town are equipped with the PROTEC² CLIQ system. It’s highly important for this type of school to be secure and safe. With the CLIQ Web Manager software, it’s possible to track the comings and goings of those who have been granted rights, and who use the key.

The aim is for the other 12 schools in the town, as well as all the canteens and boiler rooms, to be equipped with PROTEC² CLIQ within the next two to three years. The system is being extended every year thanks to the dedicated security budget.

“Each lost key used to mean €3–4 thousand in costs for changing the cylinders and replacing the keys! We wanted a system without cabling, with reduced maintenance costs and enhanced safety. Abloy met all these criteria. CLIQ Web Manager is a system that’s very easy and enjoyable to use on a daily basis.”

Fabrice Girard, Area technician

Villiers le Bel Municipal Technical Centre



PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements. 

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