Water utility's access management made simple and secured with one electronic key

Municipal water company Eau de Belfort supplies clean water. Potential threats to water supply are many and varied, from intentional contamination to equipment theft to terrorism. The company needed high security at 2 separate sites — one in Belfort covering water production and a water removal facility in Sermamagny. Because water is a strategic resource, the company’s locking also needs to be an integral component to its security plan, under France’s VIGIPIRATE alert system.

Eau de Belfort has further strict requirements for any access system:

  • Access control and locking they can rely upon to protect these very sensitive premises from unauthorised intrusion and/or damage
  • There must be flexibility to issue access authorisations to permanent staff and a shifting roster of contractors, including remotely managing individual access rights from off-site
  • Users must be freed from the burden of carrying multiple mechanical keys to access all relevant areas

Smart access management for employees' convenience at work

To upgrade site security, Eau de Belfort chose the mechatronic, wireless PROTEC2 CLIQ access control solution to replace old locking cylinders at their 2 sites. The CLIQ key-based access control system combines high levels of physical security — thanks to patented mechanical disc cylinders — with encrypted electronic access control via programmable keys and user-friendly management software. This powerful combination played an important role in choosing CLIQ. Because the physical CLIQ key will not open a door without electronic authorisation, key copying presents less of a threat to Eau de Belfort security.


Programmable CLIQ keys are simple to manage, including remotely using the Web Manager software. Employees receive access tailored to their precise role and daily needs, with all permissions stored on a single CLIQ key — which means no more heavy bunches to carry or keep track of. If someone loses their key, a few clicks are all it takes to revoke its access rights.CLIQ technology is secure, user-friendly and scalable — and already trusted at infrastructure sites all over Europe.

“The security of a locking system is achieved only if the entire chain is reliable,a major asset of CLIQ solution.”

Antoine Burrier, Director of The Water and Environment Unit at Eau de Belfort

Benefits of Abloy's solution

  • Simplified and flexible remote key management with CLIQ Web Manager
  • Combining mechanical and electromechanical solutions ensures high level of security
  • One key access to multiple locations
  • Lost keys’ access rights are removed instantly



PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements. 

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CLIQ Web Manager

The browser based CLIQ Web Manager adds remote control capability and transparency of all your key movement and access rights management. Available as a Software as a Service option (SaaS). A convenient option with all updates, support and service levels taken care of according to agreed service levels (SLA’s).

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