CLIQ Connect – Flexible access management mobile app for geographically spread out organizations

CLIQ Connect mobile solution takes your organization’s security and efficiency to a new level – You are able to update access rights from wherever you are, even in unmanned locations, regardless of distance, with the convenience of mobile technology.

CLIQ Connect - Wireless key updates from anywhere, anytime

The operational excellence of CLIQ Connect

  •  Keys can be updated with new access rights whenever and wherever.

  • Huge reduction in logistics – no more travel to central locations for key hand out / hand in

  • No extra purchases are needed – utilizing the employees' own smartphones maximizes cost efficiency.

  • Security risks from lost keys can be eliminated with real-time unlocking rights.

  • The app can be linked easily to both new and existing PROTEC2 CLIQ systems.

This is how easy it is

1. A smartphone creates a connection between the server and the key

2. The key verifies the access rights

3. The system gives predefined access rights for the key

4. The software gathers audit trail from the whole time the key is used

CLIQ Connect key

Bluetooth CLIQ Connect keys add the convenience of a smartphone solution with access rights updatable wirelessly, anywhere at any time via a mobile app. They can also be updated on site via a wall PD or separate mobile PD.

CLIQ Connect app

CLIQ Connect works with both iOS and Android systems.

Smartphones with a built-in fingerprint reader can also be used once compatibility has been checked with your ABLOY representative.