Boosting operational efficiency in Transportation and Logistics industry in India

“Time is of the essence.”, it implies to every business but impacts Transportation and Logistics industry the most. Fast moving business environment with technology advancement and increasing expectation pins more deliverable responsibilities in the business.

Security challenges for Cargo in India

Transportation & Logistics in India is on priority amongst the various segments. Despite of the delicate economic sentiments, Indian transportation and logistics sector is witnessing a substantial positive movement, majorly due to the increasing e-commerce and smart infrastructure development. However, due to the complex dynamic operational structure of transportation and logistics industry in India, they are exposed to enormous risk including security against internal and external theft in the supply chain.

Operationally the transportation and logistics sector experiences interruption in servicecustomer dissatisfactiona ruined reputationcostly revenue lossproduct loss, time lossbreach in health & safety due to thefts and pilferages.

Large logistics departments have come up within companies to manage this ‘chaos’ Though the cargo movement can be tracked still protecting them from such threats is a major challenge faced by transportation and logistics Industry in India. Building a trust and keeping up to commitments as logistics partners is a challenge in such a situation.

Until a few years ago transportation and logistics in India was dependent on the traditional security and locking mechanism, but with the increasing acceptance level for adopting new techniques and systems for operations, security can be more controlled and monitored. Once such value addition begins to get recognized and priced in value term, it will result into cost reduction and operational excellence with an opportunity to leverage further economies of scale.

Abloy ensures Cargo’s security in India from starting point to the finish line

Having zero tolerance for security mishaps in transportation & logistics industry can lead to operational excellence. Every part of the supply chain must ensure physical security and protocols to be part of the risk management system to guarantee that the cargo arrives safely and intact.

ABLOY® solutions ensure safety, security and operational efficiency for whole transportation industry. ABLOY® digital and electromechanical locking, key control, and access management solutions are designed to provide safety during the operation of the trucks in loading and unloading as well as to ensure security during transportation and personnel safety. 

ABLOY® locking solution redefines security and high-end access control for road, railway, air and sea transportation industry. Whether it's improved operational efficiency, simplified key control, restricted access rights or tracking every movement with centrally controlled digital security management, Abloy is your supplier with comprehensive product range and developing customized solutions for every need in the transportation industry.

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Sanket Managave
Managing Director