Improved security and cost-efficiency with one system

Advanced locking and wireless remote access management solution with integration capabilities resulting in improved security, operational and cost efficiency. ABLOY adds trust to the electric power operations from generation to transmission and distribution.


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Increase operational efficiency and achieve a profitable ROI with one comprehensive solution

With Abloy’s comprehensive solution you can:

  • Save travel time and expenses on repair and maintenance
  • Save cost of repairing and replacing damaged products and non-operating locks
  • Save time on managing keys and manpower
  • Avoid loss of revenue by reducing downtime
  • Save cost on penalties and compensations

High security solution that pays itself in less than 3 years

Abloy's digital portfolio protects your sites from attacks and increases your efficiency throughout the operations - with a great ROI.

How ABLOY solution can be applied to your sites

Digital connectivity and remote access management for security control in Electric Power

ABLOY® BEAT - High-end Bluetooth Padlock for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Abloy’s comprehensive product range for Electric Power ensures safety around high voltage equipment.

Our Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection offers a wide range of mechanical, electromechanical, and keyless products that form a high-quality security solution.

Therefore, you can avoid harm caused by wrong personnel entering unpermitted areas. 

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Digital Portfolio for Electric Power Protection

Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure Protection -Your bridge to the future. A future-proof offering of high-level security and remote access management solution with integration capabilities, even for the most demanding requirements of electric power, to boost your operational efficiency.

What you get with ABLOY solution from day 1

Strong and Robust Locking Mechanism suited for use in challenging environmental conditions and tested to withstand physical attack.

Digital and remote management of system helps in centralised access control and enhanced security.

Wireless electronics makes the system easy to use and deploy, irrespective of geographical location or application.

Integration with other systems and solutions provide seamless information flow, visibility, and control of asset site.

Watch how one of the largest energy companies in Finland uses our solutions

Helsingin Energia is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. It sells electric energy to about 400,000 customers which covers more than 90 percent of the Helsinki capital´s need for heating.

Helsingin Energia chose remotely controlled PROTEC2 CLIQ as an access control system which is based on mechanical and electronic identification.

Case Helsingin Energia

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