ABLOY® OS INCEDO – Enhanced digital security and access management for professionals

As part of our Security and Access Solutions portfolio ABLOY OS INCEDO provides an enhanced solution for trusted digital access management for professionals, from anywhere, anytime.

One vision for entire Professional End User (PEU) operations

OS INCEDO adds operational efficiency by connecting all mechanical, electromechanical and digital solutions into one cloud-based application. This includes PROTEC2 CLIQ, digital access solution and a wide range of mechanical key management features.

Increased situational awareness on-the-go and remotely

Featuring a user-friendly, highly visual map-based interface, you have all the security details that cover your operation, in one application.

See your security situation for real

Maps, dynamic icons, building plans can be uploaded and customised for your needs. This allows area-based control, more visibility and situational awareness.

Every key and lock status management in detail

OS INCEDO includes a detailed audit trail for PROTEC2 CLIQ and digital access solutions, as well as a wide range of mechanical key management features.

Enhanced situational awareness anytime, anywhere.

With in-depth reports you have transparency and clear control over all your users, access rights management and security. So, you can track the status of every lock and key, whenever you need to.

Mechanical key security in a digital world

INCEDO OS provides tracking and intelligent key management for mechanical keys as well.

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Simplifying mechanical key management and adding control

INCEDO OS helps simplify and streamline the administration of mechanical keys and user rights. Adding more security and control that prevents unauthorised key access improves operational efficiency and reduces operational costs too.

Available as SaaS

Get all the essential support and updates without unexpected major investments or extra costs.

Trust in our global support

Abloy is ‘For Trust’ even in our global service and support. From setting up your environment to ensuring professional support and services for continuous operation, all your needs are taken care of. OS INCEDO is available 24/7 anywhere, as a convenient SaaS solution.