ABLOY OS - Creating total awareness of your security situation

With ABLOY OS you can manage your keys, locks, and access rights on-the-go and remotely from a single, highly visual and easy to use interface. You can upload your actual building plans, with maps and icons to suit your needs. In-depth and detailed reports provide excellent insight and coverage of your operation. 

ABLOY OS – access control simplified with PROTEC2 CLIQ

ABLOY OS with PROTEC2 CLIQ provides easy access control by allowing remote control of your keys and access management, via an electronic key.

An easy to use visual interface for access and key management solutions

The easy to use browser interface of ABLOY OS enables detailed access management down to the precise person, key or even cylinder level that you need. The simple, visual interface updates your security situation on the go, ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Manage access and control on-the-go

Manage every key, lock, plus all access rights on-the-go and remotely.

Access rights granted and tracked from anywhere

With digital connectivity, you have all your critical access points and keys ready to be tracked or to grant access rights, from wherever you are. A full, in-depth audit trail is also available to keep track of and report every movement across your operation

Track every movement across your operation

With all user rights recorded and managed digitally you have an indepth report that tracks every movement through your registered and secured access points and keys.

Software as a Service (SaaS) - so you can focus on the essentials.

It’s busy enough to run and monitor your daily security needs and access rights throughout your operation, without having to worry about software concerns. SaaS takes care of it all for you, backing up your IT system to keep it secure and updated, with all the maintenance scheduled and carried out, for peak performance. You can also work with no unexpected charges as billing is based only on the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

All the essential support and updates without unexpected costs

SaaS takes care of all maintenance, support and updates with predictable ease.