Essential security across the entire telecom infrastructure

ABLOY digital, electromechanical and mechanical solutions meet all telecom industry security and access control requirements. From the inside out, each employee, contractor, access point, restricted area and perimeter can be robustly secured and monitored remotely – under any circumstances. Assisting in meeting the demand for secure, uninterrupted telecom network service during all upgrades, expansion and maintenance is our expertise and focus.

For Trust in Telecom

ABLOY provides digital, electromechanical and mechanical solutions for security and access control for the entire telecom ecosystem - including mobile network operators, tower companies and data centre service providers. 

Robust security solutions for remote environments

Telecom towers, infrastructure and networks can be found in the most inhospitable and remote domains. ABLOY solutions are built with no compromise on security or access control, to handle the extreme conditions and remoteness. Our PROTEC2 CLIQ technology adds mobile convenience and simplifies key management, logistics with access rights able to be issued and accepted from anywhere. This creates faster reaction times and adds flexibility and minimised downtime to any situation. Especially convenient for maintenance crews or in unforeseen emergency situations.

Control and safety from anywhere

ABLOY solutions have remote control capability to keep even the remotest of mobile tower sites or network operations secure.

Maintaining a perfect personnel safety record

With so many towers, mobile network operators and their need for employees and subcontractors access, personnel safety is at a premium, especially during maintenance. ABLOY solutions ensure access is granted only for the right people, as quickly as possible. This is also a must during emergencies. Our PROTEC2 CLIQ technology ensures your operation is well maintained, safe and secure, providing situational awareness of your security situation at any time, from anywhere.

More security and safety, with less key logistics

Smooth access rights management and personnel safety, no matter how big the operation.

Adding extra layers of security to data centres

An ever increasing demand for data centres for computing power and space for data makes them another essential element to secure within telecom. We have solutions that cover the different security layers inside and outside data centres. From robust padlocks and cylinders for securing the infrastructure perimeter to sophisticated access control technology for the highly restricted internal data server areas.

Protecting every byte of data

Meeting all security requirements and standards of data centres, inside and out


PROTEC2 CLIQ is Abloy’s comprehensive and flexible key and access management system. It’s a wireless solution with quick and easy installation, electronic keys and an audit trail. It provides instant and precise situational awareness of movements. 


CLIQ Connect

CLIQ Connect mobile solution minimises the risks around lost keys, logistics of managing them and access control. You are able to grant access rights from wherever you are, even to unmanned locations, regardless of distance and time, with the convenience of mobile technology.

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