Abloy's history

A few important milestones in the 110 year Abloy story. From Emil Henrikkson’s invention in 1907 to becoming one of the most significant Finnish inventions and making the world a more safe and secure place, till today.

1907 - Emil Henriksson’s invention

The unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs that all ABLOY locks are based on, was invented by Emil Henriksson, a young precision mechanic from Helsinki. It has become an industry leader since then.



1919 - Patent, trademark and industrial production

The invention was patented in 1919 under the name Henriksson’s Patent Lock. To produce the locks industrially, Ab Låsfabriken - Lukkotehdas Oy was founded in Helsinki. The company name was later shortened to Ab Lukko Oy. The trademark ABLOY, derived from the company name, was registered at the same time.



1923 - Abloy acquired by Kone & Siltarakennus

After acquisition Abloy later became part of the Wärtsilä Group.



1968 - The new lock factory established in Joensuu, Finland

The base centre for excellence, creation and research in everything we do.



1978 - First ABLOY Electric Lock for the Bank of Finland

The first electric lock was developed to secure the Bank of Finland’s printing works in 1978. Abloy has made great innovation in electric lock technology development in the decades since then.



1994 - ASSA ABLOY is formed

In 1994, Abloy merged with its Swedish main competitor ASSA, the world’s leading lock group, forming ASSA ABLOY.


Known for high-security solutions, worldwide

Abloy is leading innovation and quality across mechanical, electromechanical and digital solutions, for security and access management, globally.