Window stay WF250

Material: aluminium/plastic

Colours: white, brown, grey.

For use with inward opening ventilation windows with 32-154 mm casement distance.

Recommendation of use: side- hung windows, 2 pcs/window, in high and wide windows additionally 2 pcs of WF881 as extra frictional stays or opening limiters.

Top and bottom hinges windows, always 2 pcs/window.
Additionally 2 pcs of WF881.
When using 881 window stay, the stoppers of WF250 must be removed.

WF250 couples the inner and outer casements together so that both are opened simultaneously.
The coupling/separating of the casements can be easily done by turning the stay into horizontal position from the end of the stay.
This must not be done in ventilation position.

WF250 has a stopper which the window manufacturer installes so that the window opens max. 100 mm.
The stopper also prevents the wind from banging the window.

When ordering the stay, please state the casement distance.

The connecting screw is available with three different support plates:
WF094 (for casement distances 37-66 mm)
WF094 M (for casement distances 59-138 mm)
and WF094 MK (for casement distances 99-154 mm)
or without support plate (minimum casement distance 32 mm).