Sliding door track 450

Material: aluminium

For use with doors weighing a maximum of 90 kg, minimum door thickness 25 mm.

Cannot be bent, standard lengths 1700, 2100, 2600 and 3000 mm (D.I.Y. packs), as well as 4000, 5000 and 6000 mm.

Sliding door track 450 is perforated every 400 mm for the fastening of the brackets.

Traveller DF453:

Material: white nylon, bracket: galvanized steel.

The four nylon wheels of the traveller guarantee smooth and silent sliding.

The wheels are maintenance free: they have been pre-lubricated at the factory.

Traveller kit DF4530:
contains 2 pcs of travellers DF453, door stop DF408, 2 pcs of track stops DF456, door guide DF404 and fixing screws.

Wall bracket DF405:
Material: steel
Surface finish: galvanized

Cover panel bracket DF407:
Material: steel
Surface finish: galvanized

Bracket spacing approx. 800 mm.