Quick bolt DF3000

Satin chromed
Satin chromed
Satin chromed
Satin chromed

Material: visible parts brass/other parts steel or stainless steel.

Surface finishes: chrome, satin chrome, polished/lacquered, ABLOY ACTIVE (antimicrobial) finishes. 

Quick bolt DF3000 is used for securing the closed half of metal profile and wooden doors without a middle casing.

In closed position the bolt opens only by pulling the handle down.
A clear sticker instructs the proper use.

The bolt has a new quick attachment of locking bars which makes the installation easier.

In the basic versions DF3000 and DF3100St the position of the locking bars can be adjusted 7 mm, 11-18 mm from the surface of the door.

The fitting depth of the bolt is only 31 mm.

Also for doors with special construction:
for certain door profiles special versions DF3001 and DF3101St are suitable where the fitting depth of the locking bars is 32-35 mm from the door surface.

The fitting depth of the bolt is then 46 mm.

The satin chromed DF3100 and DF3101 bolts made from stainless steel are particularly suitable for humid areas such as on boats or in dairies.

All the locking parts of the bolt are made from stainless steel and have satin chromed surface finish.

Padlock catch DF3002:

Material: steel

Surface finish: chrome

Padlock catch DF3002 is used when Quick bolt DF3000 needs to be locked either in closed or open position with a padlock.

DF3002 is installed on the upper or lower end of the bolt. ABLOY padlock PL330 is recommended to be used.

Locking hood DF3005:

Material: plastic

For use with Quick bolt DF3000 in exit doors.

The hood is locked in place with ABLOY cam lock OF206 or OF207.